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Saturday, December 22

Impact of Article Marketing On Your S.E.O.

Have you incorporated article marketing into your Internet Marketing strategy? If you haven’t, you should definitely start immediately because it provides plenty of SEO benefits. An Internet Marketing strategy simply isn't complete, without some form of article marketing incorporated within it. This is because article marketing provides a great amount of SEO benefits. The incorporation of an online marketing method known as article marketing is essential to the Internet Marketing strategy of any business, this is due to all the SEO benefits this marketing technique presents.}It is the process of writing numerous articles that have different variations, and then publishing the articles all over the internet either through Article Submission sites or through the thousands of Article Directories.
Article Marketing is not perceived as one of the flashy or glamorous marketing tools, so you don’t see many marketers talk about it these days, which is a shame because article marketing is still one of the best ways to increase the awareness of your business and to make more money online.
The primary benefit of article marketing is getting traffic back to your website. This is made possible, due to the writer of the article integrating links into the article, which the reader then clicks, and gets redirected to the website associated with the article.It is true that article submissons are effective at helping the web pages on your site to get higher rankings in Google and the other search engines, but that is not the only way that free reprint articles bring visitors to your website.They may find your article through, an article directory, or looking at a website that has republished your article and after reading the article and getting help from it, they then look at your resource box for more information about you, the author.  The purpose of the resource box is not only to give a little biographical information about you and your business, but the reader will be looking to your resource box for direction to further information on the topic discussed in the article. If you clearly direct the reader to that extra information  (available on your website), then the reader has a great reason to click the link in your resource box leading to your website.  By doing so, your article has managed to generate extra traffic to your site simply through the resource box.
What gives your business a page 1 ranking on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo? The answer is fresh and relative content. By creating articles that are published via your website, you are constantly updating the content that is on your site which in turn will be picked up by the many search engines, and will rank you higher than other related sites that doesn’t have as much content as you. One of the benefits of being ranked on page 1 is the noticeable amount of traffic you will receive.Why is this?
The fundamental job of the search engines is to deliver the most relevant content to its viewers, and the search engines rank you on your reliability of content. However, this doesn't mean that you should sacrifice quality of your content just for increases in quantity. The key is to produce high quality content that is unique, original and helps people, maintaining this level of quality is vital.

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