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Thursday, January 3

SEO Consultant Company - Choose one that's worth your Investment.

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There are more websites and blogs today than ever before on the internet and it’s continuously growing due to the obvious attraction of taking advantage of tapping into the internet to  make money, by developing a business or increasing popularity of one thing or another.  Therefore anyone who aims to succeed in the online world need to learn how to optimize his or her presence online through their personal or business websites and blogs; or find themselves lost in a hugh sea of the internet.  In optimization we mean to be optimized for search engines to find and index websites. So any business or person will find it beneficial to learn how to optimize their websites / blogs or employ an SEO company to do it for them. 
Even though one can learn the ropes of handling all the s.e.o. work for one's website, it takes a lot of  consistent work and time to bring about the right results (S.E.R.P.) If you are an owner of a business you can't afford the time to do it yourself so hiring a  S.E.O. consultant will be the right  thing to do.

Consider the following things before hiring a professional SEO consultant.    
1. Do you have a brand new domain or an aged one?
It will take a some considerable time for a new domain to gain good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings on major search engines. It may take between 6 to 12 months to rank on the first 2 to 3 page of Google. To shorten the duration, you need to invest in the expertise of a professional SEO consultant. A reputable consultant will tell you that you must not have unrealistic expectations for a new domain because it usually takes the better part of a year before you start seeing the fruits of SEO. On the other hand, high organic traffic is more easily gained from aged domains. In that respect, you are better off buying an established domain over hiring a consultant if you want a lot of organic traffic for the product or service you are selling.
2. Depending on what kind of site do you own or want to develope?
The kind of website you run will determine whether or not you need a professional SEO consultant. You should only hire a consultant if your website has a high probability of recouping this initial investment. Sites that fit these criteria are those in sales based niches, contain a lot of relevant content and have an old domain with quality backlinks. This is because the right reason for hiring a professional SEO consultant is to help in tapping into the full potential of your website and not to help you make money from any idea. In this case, a professional SEO consultant will help in the following:
  • Tracking down and converting long tail keywords.
  • Developing content optimized for different search engines.
  • Creating a better link building strategy.
  • Using scripts to take advantage of traffic from all locations etc.
This therefore means that you should spend a lot of time to develop the concept of your website before bringing in a professional SEO consultant.
3.  How much are you willing to spend?
A highly qualified professional SEO consultant tends to be "expensive".  It depends on how you value the services of a S.E.O. consultant.  To work out if it is worth your while is to work out the lifetime value of a customer to your business; then work out how many customers you need to be profitable.  Then divide it to the cost of hiring a s.e.o. consultant.  If the value of a hiring a seo consultant is only a fraction of the sum of business targeted, then it's worth it.  This means that you should only hire one if your business plan and finances allow for it. This is because over and above the fees that the consultant will charge you, you will also need to spend money in the following areas:
  • Content creation - A consultant will advise you to hire freelancers to regularly create content for you if you are not in a position to do so by yourself.
  • Buying text links - Many established sites usually allow webmasters to buy text links in certain pages. A good consult may make a list of reputable websites for you to buy such. In some cases, a consultant will have a text link package for a fixed rate e.g. 500 text links for $1000 per month.
In other words, you should only hire a professional SEO consultant if you are looking for a way to generate more conversions from an already established business.
If you wish to find a reliable and legitimate company, you should research first. The right one will be able to help you and your business achieve the growth you are aiming for. Make inquiries and consider the number of years they have been in the business when you are on the hunt. You will be capable of figuring out their experience in the field using this. Since companies that have plenty of experience can provide you with more superior services, you need to pick them over the newly established companies. If you wish to know about their previous works and its good results, you must ask for their portfolio. Choose the experts who can achieve a good ranking in various search engines. Do not employ them if they're incapable of carrying this out since the chances of them providing you with your specifications are slim.  

It is an advantage to compare the prices offered by various service providers. Doing so will enable you to make a decision you won't regret. Keep in mind, expensive prices do not necessarily mean that they have the best services. If you can, contact their previous customers for feedback, to ask for their opinions and reviews. This will be help you decide what's best.  You will know you are getting a successful search engine optimization,  when the s.e.o. consultant company can provide you with a regular report on your website's progress and consistently fine tune your website for better results.  

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