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Wednesday, December 14

Why Facebook Is Now So Important For Your SEO Strategy.

According to two articles I read from two blogs :Quickregister.net Marketing blog and iMedia Connection, ( the links to the respective articles right below), about a year ago Google and Bing announced that they were factoring social signals from social media sites into their organic search algorithms, thus making social media more important for SEO.
This means that with the recent Google algorithm updates which included Google Caffeine v2 they are crawling and indexing relevant and quality material from all the social media sites.  The algorithm changes are all about the search engines, especially Google, focusing on quality and relevance.

Now you can count on your social media activity in affecting rankings of websites and blogs.
Yeah! For those who spend gazillion hours on Facebook and Twitter will possibly stand to rank better for their sites (of course relevance and quality matters) and for those who don’t they better jump on the wagon pronto.  Facebook is on top of the list of social media sites that is being targeted.  If you haven’t a Facebook account get one today.

By creating a business fan page and even a listing, people can find you without you having to pay a dime (for ads) wouldn’t you do it?
What’s more, Facebook “LIKES” are fast becoming effective backlinks and that’s essential for rankings as those in the know, know it. This doesn’t mean posting articles and videos are dead, no far from it. It’s a plus.  So posting some relevant (quality) content on Facebook in relevant category groups will get you tons of readers to your site; which will bring potentially some unique visitors and even possibly the ROI you wanted.

Better get cracking on your business fan page if you haven’t got one yet and make sure you get some expert help to get it done for you, with quality and value content especially offering something unique to your business and of value to your prospects. Something catchy, entertaining, even current news or events, anything interesting  related to your business.
Once you have set it all up, then start populating your fan page, meaning to get people of common interest to like your page. Start with all your contacts on your regular client list and personal friends, then regularly add about 10 people daily.
When the fan following is starting to build up, put up some posts, which include the keywords you are targeting for, that links to your website and encourage your members to “LIKE” them. Often add calls to action in your posts. Google will then index these links which will eventually boost your company ranking in searches.
Based on the current algorithms, for your SEO strategies, it’s better now to focus on social media especially Facebook rather than continuing on article sites which may have their credibility in page ranking reduced based on the recent algorithm updates.

Additional reasons why it’s important to have a Facebook fan page :
there are approximately 800 million users and a big percentage could be your customers;
more people on Facebook are making searches on the Facebook search box;
SEO now include web presence and Facebook presence will help you achieve it;
the “LIKE” button is your new back link and the “liker” is your new lead;
Facebook is easily accessible on mobile devices especially with the increasing use of them;

Implementing SEO strategies and managing social media accounts is full time work and not to just set-up and put aside.  These have to be maintained regularly if not daily and a full time manager or marketing agency will be required.  If a business seriously want to rank on the top of searches it needs to invest in long term campaigns. The great advantage is that what is uploaded on the web remains there unless someone brings it down, unlike print ads or publications which go to waste sooner and straining a company’s budget.


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