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Saturday, April 23

Claim Your Free Website from Google and Begin the Process of Getting Page 1 Ranking

Yes it's true! Google has made it possible for any business to have a simple free website , if you have a  business and preferably a gmail account.  We can help you set it up and begin the process of getting  your business 1st page ranking on Google Places which will increase your business exponentially. This way you delay the expense of spending thousands getting a website done, which is just a virtual real estate that will not bring in business on it's own. You need to know how best to market it first which will then be marketing your local business on the net and this is known as local marketing.  Local marketing includes the advantageous of mobile marketing.  The ever increasing users of mobile phones and smartphones to search the web, have upsurged the mobile advertising business and short messaging services.

Do you agree that phone directories are disappearing? Newspaper ads are rapidly declining; telemarketing is annoying; direct mail has low yield 1%-2%; costs of print ads are rising and emails are going into the SPAM box?  Based on this you will agree that there is a fundamental shift to the way people communicate.

If you have  a local business, like a restaurant, a cafe, a bakery, a pharmacy, florist, tailor; any retail business that requires more customers or visitors, then you will need to look into new ways of marketing your business. How to benefit the use of the internet and mobile phones to boost your business.
Find out how we can help you get new business from the internet without cold calling and expensive traditional advertising.  We will introduce to you the latest marketing methods to increase your business.  For a FREE evaluation, worth US$ 497.00, please contact Nicholas at +6-012-2966347  or email us at : dovetanet@doveta.com    

Below is a QR Code, a new strategy used in enhancing businesses today in local marketing. Copy the code, which is a coded coupon, to claim a free evaluation from us.

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