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Saturday, April 23

Dominate Your Local Market Through Local Search Marketing.

What is local search? The words "local search" as the words indicate is searching for an item within the local geographical area. Example searching for a "plumber in Singapore", "cafes in Kuala Lumpur", "boutiques in Jakarta",; these are typical illustrations of local searches.

Local search marketing is a strategy if implemented correctly will take advantage of search engine targeted traffic which will  increase the visibility of the presence of a local business by the search engines so that they are earlier and more frequently found in search results - and clicked the most -by those who search online to shop for local businesses.

According to a study in U.S.A., the local search marketing field has a growing demand to meet. The study found that use 97% of U.S. consumers use the Internet to find local information - of which 90% use search engines by 48% 42% use the Internet Yellow Pages sites use price comparison sites 24% of the vertical use Nine out of ten American consumers who use the Internet to find local information search engine used to do.
 Clearly the importance of local search marketing to the success of a business-to-consumer (B2C) sales model cannot be underestimated.
Local Business Search Marketing space-to-business is important to note that importance of local search marketing does not end with the B2C sales.
 Business-to-business (B2B) sales are also becoming increasingly dependent upon search engine usage, as a study by Nielsen/Webvisible found that 41% of B2B decision-makers use search engines to find local businesses from which to buy the products and services they need to keep their businesses running.
Large numbers confirm the growing importance of local search marketing, the people behind search engines are independent of the number or  importance of the market research of local companies.
 Google recently announced that 20% of all Google searches have a local intent behind them (that number climbs to about 33% for Google searches via the mobile Web).
And while this does not necessarily mean that two out of ten have Google search queries from people looking for information done locally, this means that the importance of local search marketing can not be denied.

Local Search Marketing is less expensive and would cost you a fraction of the cost of traditional ways of marketing and advertising. Furthermore, this method of marketing is quite permanent and will not get stale. Even if someone who is among your target audience misses the advert or post, he or she can return another day and still get it. On the internet, its validity will definitely remain for a longer period of time thus making it very beneficial.
In the concept of local search marketing services, search engine optimization is an important feature which is a very popular type of web marketing. SEO has become one of the most effective ways of promoting any product online.  SEO involves optimizing with keywords based on the contents of your site to make it appear higher when a search is conducted.
If you are looking to making a huge impact in internet marketing, local search marketing services can be very helpful. Nowadays there are many professional companies who can assist you in putting the right marketing strategies in place at a very competitive cost.

Whether your business is a major corporation with locations in cities all across the country or all over the world or it's a small business with a single location, local search marketing is absolutely essential to its success if it depends at all on local leads and customers. Local Search Marketing is a trend of 2011.

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