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Saturday, September 22

Mobile Marketing, Is It Right For Your Business?

Today, with the growing sales of mobile devices all over the world, with practically 70% of the world’s population using either a smartphone or an iPad, and if you are not using mobile marketing in your business you are losing out on potential sales.  But having stated that, mobile marketing isn't necessary for every business. For example, if you're in the water pipes wholesale business, or, if you operate a production plant for solar cells, you probably don't need a mobile marketing campaign. (In "mobile marketing" I mean the use of mobile ads, mobile search, mobile apps, mobile websites, mobile catalogs or SMS to connect with customers.)

But a lot of other businesses are still trying to figure out if they should jump on board. The problem is, there's no simple way to figure out if mobile is right for your business. In other words, currently there's no formula that you can use to see if you should take the time and trouble to dive into mobile.
Recently, I came across a handy scorecard from : www.60seconmarketer.com 
to help you figure out if mobile is right for your business. The scorecard won't provide a full-proof answer for you, but it will give you a directional sense of whether mobile is right for you. 

Just answer the questions below and keep track of your score.

Here goes:

  1. Customer Demographics: The median age of my customer is under 45 years old (
Yes, +10 points. No, -5 points.)
  1. Business Category: My company has multiple bricks-and-mortar locations
(Yes, +5 points. No, +0 points.)
  1. Business Category: My company sells only B2C
(Yes, +5 points. No, +0 points.) 
  1. Marketing Dependency: My company spends more than 5% of revenues on marketing and advertising
(Yes, +10 points. No, +0 points.)
  1. Customer Demographics: My typical customer lives in a city with a population of more than 200,000 people
(Yes, +10 points. No, +0 points.)
  1. Company Revenue: My company generates more than $10 million in revenues per year
(Yes, +5 points. No, -5 points.)  
  1. Industry Competition: Generally speaking, my industry is very competitive and I'm always trying to find ways to differentiate my brand (Yes, +10 points. No, +0 points.)

If you scored between 35 and 55, you should definitely begin investing in a mobile media marketing program.
(This apply to businesses that cater directly to consumers and always looking for new customers, e.g. restaurants, fashion houses, florists, real estate, electrician, plumber, accountants, clinics, etc.)

If you scored between 15 and 35, you should probably begin investing in a mobile media marketing program.  

And if you scored below a 15, you're off the hook -- no need to invest in mobile media right now.
But if you are using blogger or wordpress to create your website, they have an automated feature that makes your website mobile
friendly. If you already have your website running just login your website url in your smart phone or ipads and check it out.  Should your wordpress website does not work then install a plug-in called wptouch, this will do the job.
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