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Wednesday, February 22

Why Business Owners Should Create A Page In Facebook To Market Their Business

If you own a local offline business or an online business here are the reasons why you should set-up a business fan Page in Facebook through which you can market and showcase your products and services.

Access Your Niche Market

Once you create a Page in Facebook, your business will be exposed to the huge active membership which log in each day. The latest statistics  showed that there are more than eight hundred million active users on Facebook, many of whom spend more time on this site than any other social networks.

The number of active users of this site is continually growing and several reports show that the age group from twenty five to sixty five year olds is the fastest growing group. This age group represents people who have more funds to spend on your products and services and so should contain your niche market that you are targeting. In short  Facebook is where your potential target market is congregating in large numbers.

Business Side of Facebook

Facebook Fan Pages are the business side of Facebook. Again, if you study the research that has been done on this site you will see that the number of top brands and public figures who use these pages to promote themselves continue to grow. It’s always growing.

There are many features contained within Facebook Fan Pages that you as a business owner can use to monetize your Page. One of these is the ability to customize tabs that showcase what your business is offering. When a new visitor, who is not a fan, first arrives at your page they will land on one of these custom tabs. The message on the tab then invites them to take some action. This might be something like asking them to "like" the page or enter their details on an email opt in box to receive a free report or download a discount coupon which can be redeemed in store. As you can see the custom tabs enable you as the business owner to get more visitors interacting with your page and so, in this way, you can get more customers walking into your local business.

The custom tabs can also be used as mini websites where you can upload videos and photos to showcase your business' products. You can even create a custom tab that will enable you to make sales straight from your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Pages have a photostream thumbnail section where you can upload five images These images allow you to monetize again by adding images of your products with a description of what you want visitors to do. You might, for example, as them to click a link to access a product or sales page.

When a user clicks “like” that action is broadcasted to that user’s friends. A page is still benefitting from Facebook’s inherently viral platform (it’s like spreading by word of mouth but faster) and that user’s social graph (activity graph that can be seen if you click on the tab for INSIGHTS).
Having a large number of “likes” on a page is still useful, even if not all of the fans see the wall posts from that page in their personal Top News. Social proof and the bandwagon effect is still used to the Page’s advantage (I may not see the Wall Street Journal’s posts anymore, but when a friend of mine visits their website and sees the Like Box, my picture will be there showing my endorsement of theWall Steet Journal and indirectly affecting my friends’ decision-making process in evaluating the page and consuming content. Even if someone who didn’t have any friends connected to the Wall Street Journal, that person would see thousands of people endorsing the brand through the total number of Page likes).

Besides building a fan community around your brand, it helps send traffic to your website, captures information in forms (users don’t actually have to be connected to you for this), and improves SEO (and what will be more increasingly important: Facebook Search Optimization).

A company can also benefit from having a Facebook page as an easier and more manageable way than even a blog to publish fresh content on a regular basis. This content can be featured on the company’s website through the Like Box so the Facebook page still serves an important way to distribute fresh content.

Another benefit of a Page is that you can have unlimited fans, where as a personal profile only allows a maximum of five thousand friends.

So, as you can see, Facebook Fan Pages offer so many features which business owners can use to market their business right from inside this social networking site where the potential  prospects of your target market are gathering.

Author: Moira Wight
Category: Internet Marketing/Online Business

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