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Tuesday, October 11

Claim your Google Places Listing and Free website.

I am sure many of you who frequent Google and do searches for a restaurant or company would have seen a list of names drawn up and on the right hand side of that page a Google map with the alphabetical pins on the map indicating locations of the companies or restaurants listed.
If you look carefully on the right side of the listing before the map, you will see the words "place page". Click on this and you will see an example of the free website I am refering to. This place page is where Google provides a business a free website, a simple website, where any company can fill in all the details of the business, services, promotions, photos and even a video clip, to promote the business. If done properly, it can look very presentable for your business. Click this link to see a good example : http://bit.ly/q0tqZZ
Unfortunately many businesses, even some big corporations are unaware of this.

This is the first thing we do for all our clients, if they have not claimed this free website, or if they have we fine tune it for them, setting it up for optimizing their business or services.
By doing this, it will officially register your business with Google and it is the first step to the process of getting your business found on the first page of Google search. It doesn't matter where you are located, if you do a search for your business and if your listing does not show the "place page", you can go to Google Places and register and get your business listed and claim your free website. For a step by step guide to how to get this done, subscribe to our blog below and receive the free guide. Don't miss out on this, claim your free website today.

   Claim Your FREE Google website Now!

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