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Wednesday, May 11

Why Use Mobile Marketing To Enhance Your Business.

Google recently made a survey on mobile marketing :”Smarter marketing to smart phone users.”
I have included a picture that Google has provided and if you blow it up you will see the details of the survey in summary.
The reason for this survey is obviously to better understand smart phone users and mobile consumer behavior which in turn will provide vital information to developing smarter marketing strategies to reach this “mobile” audience. Recent studies show that the growing use of smartphones  among “US” adults to search, shop and look for local information make it potentially profitable for advertisers to take advantage of mobile advertising.
The following are results of the survey which affirms the need for companies to quickly tap into mobile marketing to stay ahead and enhance their businesses.
Mobile Local.
Studies show local searches is becoming one of the most popular smartphone activities.
88% of the people who look at a mobile ad, a smartphone type of ad or text ad, takes action.
95% of those doing it are basically looking for local information of a product or service;
61% of those who see the ad will call a business;
59% will visit a business; 44% will make a purchase.
1 in 3 of mobile searches is for local businesses; right now 33% of the mobile searches which increase over time as more and more vendors do mobile marketing as more and more people become habitually taking the action locally rather than regionally or nationally to go buy products.
Mobile Behaviour.
Smartphone usage has become such an indispensable part of our daily lives.
48% of people use their mobile phones when they are eating;
13% use their phones while having a meaningful conversation;
87% use their phones while on the go (to and fro from work, at the park, shopping, deliveries, etc;
39% use their phones while going to the bathroom (surfing the net);  
33% use it while watching T.V.;   even 5% use their phones while having sex.
Mobile Shopping.
Studies show smartphone users spend a median average of $300.00 in the past year.
79% used a smartphone to help with shopping; 
74% have made a purchased;  54% used to find a retailer;
49% used to compare prices;  48% used to get promotions or coupons;
44% to get reviews or product info.

Mobile Advertising works.
82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads.
49% of those who have seen a mobile ad take action; out of which 49% purchase; 42% click on the ad; and 35% visit the websites.
There has been an increase in average CTR (click through rates) for advertisements by 11.5%.
79% of top advertisers do not have a mobile marketing plan nor a mobile optimized landing page. A landing page is vital for getting details of leads and compiling a list of potential clients that can be marketed to regularly.
Smartphone users in the USA is now at 34% and anticipated to increase to 50% by the end of 2011. The older type phones are phasing out.  Iphones are being sold cheaper and cheaper e.g. AT&T offered the iphone at $49.00 based on a 2 years plan.
Mobile searches have skyrocketed as much as 400%; 71% of users search as a result of seeing an ad (online, phone, T.V., etc)
Smartphone usage – 81% browsed the internet; 77% used a search engine; and 48% watched videos.
There is enough information here to convince any business to immediately commence using mobile marketing to further enhance their business.  Contact us at: dovetanet@doveta.com to get the rates for the following:
  1. LOCAL STARTER (to enable your company to be easily found on the internet by prospects)
  2. Mobile Set up :       Mobile enabled site, Mobile Coupons, Mobile SMS System,                                 Mobile Landing Page,  QR Code(s) campaign, and Set up Tracking. 

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